The 6th Umthayi/ Marula Festival to be held on the 20th of February 2016 at eMfihlweni Royal Residence in Manguzi, Mhlabuyalingana (Umkhanyakude District in KZN)

We invite you to partner with us to make this event an unforgettable experience.
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What is Umthayi

The Umthayi/ Marula Festival is an annual cultural event held at eMfihlweni Royal Residence in the small town of Manguzi, Mhlabuyalingana, at uMkhanyakude District in KwaZulu-Natal.

Why Exhibit?

  • Access to engage with approximately 2000 influential delegates and over 30 000 people who attend the festival;
  • Networking with leading industry and government leaders from the three neighbouring countries;
  • Marketing opportunities and international exposure during the entire life...


The People of Tembe?

The Tembe people have a unique history and culture that sets them apart from their Zulu, Swazi and Shangaan neighbours. They are said to have established their kingdom in South-East Africa. The founders of the Tembe people migrated from Karanga.

What is today known as Zimbabwe, to the areas surrounding Delegoa Bay around 1554. They gradually established a mighty kingdom, which extended into the Delagoa Bay (Maputo) hinterland. Their kingdom stretched from the Pongola (Maputo) River in the west to the Indian Ocean in the east, and from Delagoa Bay in the north to around the Sodwana Bay area in the south.

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